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My Gerson Home
Set-up Package

All practical aspects of the Gerson Therapy, set-ups, and processes explained and demonstrated to you (and one companion) in my Gerson-prepped household in two intensive days.

2 Days  | 700 SFR / 610 EUR
Your Gerson Home
Set-up Package
1 Day  |  350 SFR / 305 EUR


  • All practical elements of the Gerson Therapy explained and demonstrated in your own household 

  • optimization and re-organization of your household for the therapy

  • training of your helpers


Replies to all your questions about the Gerson Therapy by phone, Skype, or in person.

   per Hour  |  90 SFR / 78 EUR
Detoxification Basics


Everything on enemas. From the correct preparation to the proper use of coffee and castor oil enemas, as used in the Gerson Therapy.

per Hour  |  90 SFR / 78 EUR
Personalized menus &
cooking classes
  • cooking for the Gerson diet

  • cooking for different diet types

  • cooking for the Budwig diet

  • raw food 'cooking'

  • vegan/alkaline/salt-free diets

3 Hours|  160 SFR / 140 EUR per person (min 3 people)


  • how to prepare healthy, appetizing food for the whole family

  • easy recipes for meals, smoothies, and juices that are a hit with kids and grown-ups alike

  • little tricks on how to make kids love healthy food 

Family Coaching
 per Hour  |  90 SFR / 78 EUR
My Gerson Home Set-up Paket

2 Days  I  700 SFR / 640 EUR

In my own Gerson-prepped  household, I will show you how you can organize and set-up your home optimally in order to make the Gerson Therapy significantly easier and save you time, energy, and avoid problems. 


In two intensive days, I will show and explain in detail all the practical aspects of the Gerson Therapy to you.


  • tasty receipes according to the strict Gerson rules

  • dishes for the Budwig protocol

  • healthy nutrition while you're on the road: how to prepare dishes in advance, that are easy to store and travel with in order to maintain a healthy eating plan while traveling

  • personalized cooking classes for raw, vegan, and alkaline diets

  • cooking with home-grown foods from the garden: organic gardening tips and seasonal receipes

  • how to preserve the maximum of vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients using low-heat cooking, a dehydrator, and other tricks


Please be advised that I can not offer medical advice in any form. For all medical questions, please consult your medical doctor or naturopath.


Your Gerson Home Set-up

350 SFR / 305 EUR  I  per day

I will travel to your home and help you set-up your household so that it is  ideally suited for the Gerson Therapy. With small tricks and a well thought out organization, I will show you and/or your helpers how to simplify and minimize the challenging workload associated with the treatment. This way you will have more time for rest and healing and will have a much easier time sticking to the therapy for the duration of several years.


i will counsel you for as long as needed and desired in order to familiarize you and your helpers with all the practical aspects of the therapy.


  • All principles and practical aspects of the Gerson Therapy explained

  • Preparation and set-up of our household for the Gerson Therapy (kitchen, bathroom, fridge, storage, garden)

  • Training of helpers and family members

  • Individualized and well-arranged schedule of juices, meals, enemas, and supplements, as prescribed by your doctor

  • Organization of local sources and suppliers for organic produce and supplements

  • Advice on juicers (explanation of possible models and differeneces) and other utensils for the therapy

  • Receipes and guidance with Gerson cooking

  • Insutruction and practical tips for enemas and detoxification

  • Troubleshooting when problems arise

  • Information und contacts to certified practitioners and Gerson clinics

  • When required, help setting up and growing a Gerson garden


Please be advised that I can not offer medical advice in any form. For all medical questions, please consult your medical doctor or naturopath.


90 SFR / 78 EUR   I  Hourly rate

You would like to find out more about the Gerson Therapy?


You have already begun the Gerson treatment at home, but are encountering difficulties and could use some practical advice?

You are not ill, but would like to do an intense week of detoxification?


I will counsel you on the different practical aspects of the treatment and can help you avoid or overcome any pitfalls and mistakes along the way.


  • Practical basics of the Gerson Therapy

  • Tips and ideas for how you can simplify life on the therapy

  • practical tips and troubleshooting for enemas and detoxfication

  • practical individualized schedules based on your doctor's recommendations

  • Juicing advice and explanation of different Gerson-approved juicer models

  • receipes for cooking Gerson dishes

  • Troubleshooting

  • When required, information and contact information for Gerson practitioners and the Gerson clinics

Please be advised that I can not offer medical advice in any form. For all medical questions, please consult your medical doctor or naturopath.

Detoxification Basics

90 SFR / 78 EUR   I  Hourly rate

Detoxification is one of the most important principles of the Gerson Therapy, and the regular and effective use of detoxification methods can relive pain, support the liver, and speed up the healing process.


However, for some patients, enemas can represent a challenge at first. Don't fret - when done correctly, this usually becomes the favorite part of the therapy for most Gerson patients!


Enemas can relieve pain and nausea, provide a welcome break during the day, and generally contribute to a feeling of well-being.






  • Detoxification Basics explained
  • how to create a cozy and comfortable 'coffee corner'
  • Troubleshooting for common problems
  • how to save time when preparing coffee and castor oil
  • methods for keeping bucket and utensils clean and hygienic
  • information on different water filtration systems


Please be advised that I can not offer medical advice in any form. For all medical questions, please consult your medical doctor or naturopath.

Personalized Menus and Cooking Classes

3 Hours  I  160 SFR / 140 EUR per person

(minimum 3 people)

Healthy nutrition doesn't have to be tasteless or take a lot of time to prepare!

In my cooking classes, I show participants how to preapre easy, well-seasoned, home-cooked meals using good ingredients and simple methods.

In a small group, we will prepare an entire menu together based on your personal interests - be it raw food, Gerson, alkaline, or just generally healthy food. In addition, you will receive a number of additional receipes from me to try at home.


  • Praktische Grundsteine der Gersontherapie

  • Vorbereitung und Aufbau des Haushalts für die Gersontherapie (Küchenorganisation, Badaufbau)

  • Ensafter (mögliche Modelle und Unterschiede)

  • Erstellung individualisierter und übersichtlicher Stundenpläne zur Organisation der vom Arzt angeordneten Säfte, Mahlzeiten, Einläufe und Medikamente

  • Rezepte und Anleitungen für die Gersonküche

  • Erklärung und praktische Tipps zur Entgiftung

  • Troubleshooting

  • Bei Bedarf, Informationen und Ansprechpartner an den Gersonkliniken und Gerson-ärzte


Please be advised that I can not offer medical advice in any form. For all medical questions, please consult your medical doctor or naturopath.

Family Coaching

90 SFR / 78 EUR  I  Hourly rate

Even if you are ready to change to a healthier nutrition, that doesn't mean the rest of your family is! I can help you change the attitudes of even the most unwilling members of your family by involving them in the kitchen and preparing fun, tasty, easy dishes. Even children who hate kale, spinahc, and other greens can develop a taste for healthy vegetables surprisingly quickly with the right tricks. Ever heard of a salad that tastes liek a chocolate shake?


  • Smoothies und juices : an easy and yummy first step to changing the family diet and increasing the amount of nutrients

  • Healthy snacks for kids and adults

  • Fruit leathers and other guilt-free sweets that are fun to prepare with kids

  • Easy and quick lunch recipes

  • Healthy alterantives to substitute common processed foods with

  • How to cook using little salt and sugar and still make dishes tasty for the whole family


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