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My Story


I grew up on one of Switzerland's first organic farms. I worked as a florist and decorator until I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2010. After the removal of the tumor, I was prescribed aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and five years of hormone therapy. I chose to do the Gerson Therapy instead. 


I began the treatment with a two-week stay at the Gerson clinic in Hungary. That was followed by two challenging years of continuing the treatment at home. I quickly realized that everyday life on the stringent therapy is a lot easier to master when the household is well set-up and all the elements of the treatment are well organized.  


From figuring out where to buy the freshest, local organic vegetables to ordering the prescribed nutritional supplements and optimizing 

schedules, I eventually found good solutions to the daily challenges on the Gerson Therapy. I even figured out how to go on excursions, day trips, and visit friends, without neglecting any aspect of the therapy or missing a single juice!


I followed the treatment to a T for two years and continue to follow some of the basic principles of the therapy to this day. I feel healthy, strong, and vital. Not only am I cancer-free, but my arthritis and other symptoms of chronic disease also disappeared when I underwent the treatment. 


In 2013 I completed the official Gerson Home Set-up Trainer course and have since coached hundreds of Gerson patients from Switzerland, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, USA, England, Austria, Poland, Germany, and New Zealand.


I advise patients on how to set-up their homes for the therapy and guide them through all the practical aspects of the Gerson Therapy by phone, Zoom, or in their actual homes. Ever since I regained my own health, I find great enjoyment in helping others do the same. 

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"Gerson coaching at its best with professionalism and a big heart."

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