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Client reviews

I stayed in Verena's beautiful rental apartment for two days during the 2-day course.

Both days were extremely intensive, with both theoretical and practical parts, and fantastically well structured.

Verena has an enormous amount of expert knowledge in the field of Gerson therapy and she passes it on with much heart and soul, and great passion.

Her passion is contagious and I went home with theory documents, a delicious collection of recipes and numerous practical tips for implementation in everyday life.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart - dear Verena - for your enormous hospitality - your very large Gerson expert knowledge - your structure and your passion to help other people in this area.

You are a blessing - thank you!


Monika D., Zurich, November 2022

At the beginning of February 2022, I traveled with my husband to Verena Müller-Bernet in Switzerland because I wanted to learn more about the Gerson Therapy than what is in the books.

We were warmly welcomed with "Hello, I'm Verena".

A tight, well-organized 2-day program awaited us with a wealth of helpful and valuable tips about the Gerson Therapy and so much more besides.

On the one hand, there were suggestions on the subject of prebiotics and probiotics, right through to meals that support the intestines that you can prepare yourself.

Verena is a very practical, bright, helpful woman.

I am very grateful to her for the simple instructions on the preparation and follow-up of the enema, which benefit the tight time budget.

I also found the suggestions super helpful when it came to preparing food for the next day's meals.

In the same way, it allayed my doubts when it came to out-of-home supplies and optimal equipment when travelling.

Verena is open to all questions and a variety of helpful tips and solutions await you.

The visit to Verena met and often exceeded my expectations in every respect.

Many thanks for that.



Thomas & Carola M., Brandenburg, March 2022

Gerson coaching at its finest with professionalism and a big heart: We would like to say a big thank you to Verena and we can wholeheartedly recommend her. She passed on her knowledge to us with a lot of passion, both in theory and in practice. 


The Gerson dishes were simply delicious and Verena's Gerson implementation skills were impressive. We arrived home with so many ideas, plans and positive thoughts and we are still trying to put everything into practice.


Your fine holiday home is ideal for the Gerson course and has been lovingly thought out and furnished. We felt very comfortable there.


Verena as a person is simply a treasure of gold who, with a lot of empathy and motivation, gave us an optimal start to the Gerson therapy. We are happy to still have Verena by our side and wish her and her husband all the best.


Ulli, October 2021

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Switzerland because of Corona, but Ms. Müller-Bernet advised me in great detail and with a lot of understanding via Skype.


It helped me a lot to get the security, to do the Gerson therapy correctly and to cope with the workload. I had already started therapy and Ms. Müller-Bernet helped me to spot some of the mistakes I had made in good time. Some of their great tricks now make my life easier every day.


When the whole Corona situation is over, we still plan to visit you in Switzerland and learn new delicious recipes from her!

Lotte, Berlin, May 2021

Verena makes every effort to pass on her extensive knowledge. Thanks to you   we were able to clear up some misunderstandings that arose from just reading the books. Thanks for that !!!


We really felt very well looked after and cared for. The accommodation is ideal, as both the "theoretical lessons" and the practical part take place on site.


Before you start the Gerson therapy, we can only recommend a stay in beautiful Switzerland with Verena Müller-Bernet. She is really competent, has many years of experience and does her job with total enthusiasm, which inspires and motivates you to take this difficult but very promising path.   


After our two-day stay, we made our way home with a folder full of information   (about 1200 km) with the feeling that the long journey was really worth it.

All the best!

Rosa Maria and Tina, August 2020

I felt very comfortable with Verena. The B&B is very nice and lovingly furnished and in a quiet location... I would have loved to have moved in right away ;). Her after-work tip to take a walk up the nearby hill was great - the view from up there is just amazing.

The course day was very intensive, full of information and practical, valuable tips! Verena is really very well prepared and above all, she responded to my needs. Your scripts are a valuable help for me to implement at home.


Dear Verena, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the interesting and instructive day of the course, your hospitality in your cozy B&B and for your understanding, loving and encouraging manner!

A very lovely Grüassli,

Sandra, July 2020

In August, I (Markus) was diagnosed with a tumor in the pleura. It quickly became clear to me that Gerson therapy was the right one for me! I experience that for me the Gerson therapy is a guide, how one after the other comes together!


It is a great gift that we got to know Verena Müller. At the beginning of September, we as a couple were able to spend two days with Verena, the Gerson Home Set-Up trainer.

With her joyful and inspiring manner, she was able to give us many helpful and practical tips that simplify this complex therapy. With her wide range of experience, she was able to give us a lot of encouragement and strength to master this challenging path.


She spoiled us with fine food and through this we were able to experience that even in Gerson therapy eating can be fun. She also gave us many delicious recipes.


They were very valuable, richly filled days for us!


A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!


M. and H. Rechsteiner, September 2019

The introductory days at Verena were very valuable for me. Verena is super well organized and structured.


Thanks to the many detailed explanations, documentation and tips, I feel safe starting with the Gerson Therapy.


H. Heeb, August 2018

Verena is exactly the right one; it brings you close to Gerson. We (Karin and Ewald) arrived with the mobile home on the evening before the course (04/10/11/2018). The parking space with supply and disposal options is only a 5-minute walk from the picturesque town center of Willisau.

  • The next morning we were warmly welcomed by Verena and her husband. This was followed by a briefing on the planned schedule of the course and her apartment (private and guest area).

  • A tight program had to be managed during the two days. The aim was to illuminate the Gerson therapy from all angles and to give helpful tips that cannot be found in the literature.

  • Verana was always very structured and courteous, but always had an open ear for our own problems.

  • So that we can remember the content even better, she involved us in the preparation of the juices and dishes and still gave us enough opportunity to make our own notes and photos.

  • She has pre-cooked a wide range of Gerson dishes and given appropriate tips for each vegetable/fruit.

  • She left us prepared pictures on many topics.

  • A good hour lunch break was absolutely necessary for regeneration; otherwise the limits of our recording possibilities would have been exceeded.

  • The necessary/useful hardware (juicer, water maker, fridge, drawers, pots, peeler, onion cutter and the enema utensils) was discussed in detail. She also gave us relevant references for each topic.

  • Verena is a very structured bundle of energy; she managed, with her own uncomplicated and yet goal-oriented way, to bring us really close to Gerson.

  • We felt very comfortable with her and think that we are now well prepared for Gerson.

  • All in all it was a successful event, which also took place in a beautiful area.

  • This event was worth the money and can be recommended without reservation.


Many thanks Verena; you get full points from us. For the rest of your life we wish you only the best, good health and a good portion of luck


Karin-Mechthild and Ewald Hofmann, Germany, April 2018

In October 2017, I was diagnosed with metastases in the peritoneum  (starting from Mamma Ca). Surgery is not possible given the size and location of the metastases. While looking for alternatives, my son became aware of the Gerson therapy. We immediately started making the juices based on the Gerson book. But the completely different way of cooking was difficult for me. After telephone contact, my son and I then spent 2 days with Mrs. Müller-Bernet.


She was able to provide excellent advice with many everyday and time-saving tips and showed us a lot of what is very important and helpful in the time-consuming therapy that takes some getting used to.


Together we made and ate many delicious juices, dishes and even biscuits. Mrs. Müller was able to take away our uncertainties and really answer every question regarding the therapy in all areas.


We had a lot of fun together and were able to learn a lot. Thank you very much Mrs. Müller, it was very nice with you.


K. and JS from Göppingen district, Germany

I am grateful to Verena Müller-Bernet for her competent and one-to-one practical introduction to everyday Gerson therapy.


She experienced everything herself years ago and therefore passes it on in an absolutely motivating and cheerful way:

Compact and credible, sometimes encouraging and energetic, sometimes warning and precise, but always generous, she methodically excellently helps to understand and master the various aspects and stumbling blocks at every stage. She passes on practical aids, work simplifications and ingredients at cost price.


Without her I would not have learned to use the sometimes disconcerting elements of the cure so quickly and easily. I am completely satisfied with it.


Thank you very much Verena!


dr C. Thomann, Switzerland, Oct 2017

The Gerson Home Set-Up Days with you was great, we learned so much and we would like to thank you again for all your effort and work thank.

It will remain unforgettable for us with how much effort and joy you have guided us here. Many thanks for that!


-Birgit and Walter Heimann, Thuringia, Aug 2016

I came across Verena on the internet when I was looking for someone with a lot of experience with Gerson Therapy after my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and decided to try this alternative method.

Since we currently live in Mexico, we decided to do the consultation via Skype. The consultations were very helpful and it is quickly a good one relationship arose. Since I'm Swiss too, we were able to hold the consultations in German. 

We divided the Training into several units of 2-3 hours each over several weeks. Verena  started right away with the most important elements - juicing, enemas and preparing the Gerson soup and other dishes - so that my girlfriend could get started as quickly as possible. 

Later she explained to us great Gerson-justified recipes from her kitchen (e.g. quinoa salad, oat biscuits, even apple pie...) and was always very well prepared before every Skype call and had everything ready.

She explained to us in detail how the Gerson therapy works and informed us about the 'do's' and 'don'ts' of this special diet. It is very important to be made aware of potential errors with the Gerson Therapy from the start. She also showed us many practical tips how we can better organize our home to save time and energy. 


I can definitely recommend Verena as a home set-up trainer, even via Skype if a physical meeting is not possible. The only downside is that you can't taste the healthy and very tasty looking dishes that she prepares!


-M. Gähwiler, Mexico, Jan 2017

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