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The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson

The Gerson Therapy was developed by a German physician in Bielefeld in the late 1920s.

Dr. Max Gerson suffered from severe migraines for which there were no effective remedies at the time.


When he read that dietary measures could have an influence on this condition, he experimented with different foods using the elimination method. This is how he first developed what became known as the 'Gerson Diet'. As long as he strictly followed the diet, he was no longer plagued by migraines. The therapy achieved the same effect with his patients. 


When one of his patients reported that the diet had not only relieved his migraines, but had also made his skin tuberculosis disappear, Dr. Gerson was incredulous. Skin tuberculosis was considered incurable at the time. He then tested his diet on other tuberculosis patients, with the same surprising results. Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, one of the most eminent surgeons and tuberculosis specialists of the time, did a medical study of Gerson's diet on 450 incurable tuberculosis patients at the University of Munich. Of the patients, 446 were cured with what was then referred to as the "Gerson-Sauerbruch-Hermannsdorf diet" in the medical literature. The scientific breakthrough gained renown worldwide. However Dr. Gerson himself, being Jewish , was forced to flee Germany shortly after.

He eventually resettled in New York City, after retaking his medical exams to continue practicing medicine in the US. There he began to apply his therapy to other chronic diseases, including cancer, on a larger scale. He realized that his diet did not target any specific disease, but rather stimulated the body's own immune system, thus making it applicable to a large variety of chronic and degenerative diseases. 


His holistic treatment enjoyed great popularity among his patients, but was treated with suspicion by the medical authorities, who did not consider dietary and lifestyle measures as medicine. Upon Dr Gerson's death in 1959, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, whose wife and daughter had both been successfully treated by Dr. Gerson, said:


"I regard him as one of the most important geniuses in the history of medicine."


Many of Gerson's ideas and methods have since been more widely adopted or become common knowledge. Recent findings on the immune system, as well as on the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on diseases like cancer, have vindicated many of Dr. Gerson's once controversial principles.


Today, the medical treatment of the immune system is considered one of the most promising methods for healing cancer. Nonetheless, the Gerson Therapy itself is still largely ignored and continues to be dismissed by mainstream medicine. 


About the Gerson Therapy

The Gerson therapy was developed to treat cancer and other chronic diseases. Through a specific diet and regular detoxification, the idea is to strengthen and stimulate the immune system to allow it to resume its protective role for the body. This way it can recognize and destroy cancer cells and other mutated cells, as it does in a healthy body.


Gerson patients follow a strict plant-based diet for 2-3 years. It is free of salt, sugar, alcohol, most fats, animal products, and all forms of processed foods. Patients consume gigantic amounts of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in meals and 13 daily juices.


Regular enemas to support the liver's detoxification, and a number of nutritional supplements to speed up and facilitate the process are also part of the traeatment.


It is recommended to follow the treatment under the guidance of a certified Gerson practitioner. 



You can find further information about the Gerson Therapy:

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