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Client References

For two days I was able to stay in Verena's beautiful Gerson vacation apartment during the 2-day course.

Both days were extremely intensive with theory and practical parts, and fantastically well structured.

Verena has an enormous amount of expert knowledge in the field of Gerson therapy and she passes it on with heart and great passion.

Her passion is infectious, and I went home with excellent documentation, delicious recipes, and numerous practical tips for implementation in everyday life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Verena, for your enormous hospitality, your Gerson expert knowledge, your structuredness, and your passion to help other people in this field.

You are a blessing - thank you very much!


Monika D., Zurich, November 2022


In early 2022 my husband and I traveled to Switzerland for a 2-day course with Verena Müller-Bernet because I wanted to learn more about the Gerson Therapy than what is written in the books.

We were warmly welcomed and a tight, well-organized program with a wealth of valuable tips about the Gerson Therapy followed.

On the one hand, there were helpful suggestions around the topic of pre&probiotics and how to prepare intestine-friendly meals.

Verena is a very practical, bright, helpful woman.

I am especially grateful for the tips on enema and food preparation.

Likewise, she eased my concerns when it comes to how to best equip myself when traveling.

Verena is open to all questions and you can expect a lot of helpful tips and solutions.

The visit with Verena has met and often exceeded my expectations in every respect.


A very heartfelt thank you for this.



Thomas & Carola M., Brandenburg, March 2022

Gerson coaching at its best with professionalism: We would like to say a big thank you to Verena and we can recommend her wholeheartedly. She transmitted her knowledge to us with a lot of heart, both the theory and the practice. 

The Gerson dishes were simply delicious and Verena's Gerson implementation skills are impressive. We arrived home with so many ideas, plans, and positive thoughts, and are still trying to put everything into practice.

Her guest apartment is ideal for the Gerson course and has been thought through and furnished with much love. We felt very comfortable there.

Verena as a person is simply a gold treasure, who gave us an optimal start into the Gerson therapy with a lot of empathy and motivation. We are happy to have Verena by our side and wish her and her husband all the best.

- Ulli, October 2021

Unfortunately, because of Corona I could not go to Switzerland, but Ms. Müller-Bernet advised me extensively and with a lot of understanding via Skype.


It helped me to feel more secure about doing the Gerson therapy correctly and to cope with the huge amount of work it entails. I had started the therapy before and Ms. Müller-Bernet helped me to by picking up on some mistakes I was making in time. Some of her tricks now simplify my life on a daily basis.


When the whole Corona situation is over, my partner and I still plan to visit her in Switzerland and learn some new delicious recipes from her!

- Lotte, Berlin, May 2021

Verena is totally committed to sharing her extensive knowledge. Thanks to her, we were able to clear up some misunderstandings that arose from just reading the books. Thank you for that !!!

We really felt very well taken care of and looked after. The accommodation at her place is ideal, because both the "theoretical lessons" and the practical part takes place on site.


Before you start the Gerson therapy, we can only recommend a stay in beautiful Switzerland with Verena Müller-Bernet. She is really competent, has years of experience and does her job with total enthusiasm, which motivates you to embark on this tedious but very promising path.   

After our two-day stay, we made our way home (about 1200 km) with a folder full of information and the feeling that the long journey was really worth it.

Warm greetings!

- Rosa Maria und Tina, August 2020

I am thankful to Verena Müller-Bernet for the competent and practical introduction she gave me to the Gerson routine. 


Having undergone the treatment herself some years ago, she communicates her first-hand knowledge in a motivating, upbeat, and clear-cut way.

She is encouraging and uplifting, generous and credible, and when necessary, cautioning and stringent. She helps you understand and master the different aspects and potential problems each step of the way in a methodical, compact manner. If you don't know where to get some of the ingredients or practical appliances, she helps you acquire them at cost price.

Her playful and effortless approach made it much easier for me to tackle the parts of the treatment I initially found disconcerting.

I am completely satisfied with my experience.


Thank you so much Verena!


- Dr. C. Thomann, Switzerland, Oct 2017

The 'My Gerson Home Set-Up' training with you was wonderful. We learned so much and would like to thank you again for all your work and efforts.


It is unforgettable for us with how much dedication and enthusiasm you trained us. Many, many thanks to you!


- Birgit & Walter Heimann, Thüringen, Germany, Aug 2016

I found Verena through the internet when I was looking for a person who has experience with the Gerson therapy. My girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and decided to do an alternative treatment.

I was surprised when I saw that Verena is from the same state where I grew up. We got in touch and decided to do the Gerson Home Set-Up Training via Skype as we are living in Mexico.

We immediately developed a special relationship as we are both Swiss and could do the training in Swiss German. The training sessions via Skype went very well.


We split the training in several sessions of 2-3 hours over a period of two weeks. First we started with the most important topics such as juicing, coffee enemas and preparing the Gerson soup in order that my girlfriend could start immediately with the therapy.

Later on we then had a look at some special recipes such as quinoa salad, oatmeal cookies, apple pie, etc. Verena was always very well prepared and had everything ready when we started our Skype video call.

She showed us in detail how the Gerson therapy works and made us aware of the do’s and don'ts this special diet requires. It is very important to be aware of the mistakes that can be made with the Gerson therapy and to avoid doing things the wrong way.


She also provided us with very useful tips and hints on how we can organise ourself better at home in order to save time and energy.


I can definitely recommend Home Set-Up Training with Verena via Skype if you don’t have the possibility to travel to her in person. The only disadvantage is that you can’t taste the wonderful looking and healthy meals she prepares!


- M. Gähwiler, Mexico, Jan 2017

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